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ekka's Journal
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Date:2003-01-22 14:41


this journal is now
friends only

i made this journal friends only for multiple reasons. i don't plan on using this journal very often anymore. i mainly am keeping this journal to read my friends journals. i will occasionally post in here still and when i do, its mostly personal things, my daily life, some pictures and things like that.

i disabled my comments for this entry because i don't want people commenting with things like "add me please, add me!" because basically this journal is friends only, not random people i don't know and friends only. if you still have the urge to want to get to know me after reading this entry, well then knock yourself out and add me to your friends list and as soon as i see that you added me, ill add you back and try to get to know you. however if you're a faggot, annoying or ugly i wont keep you on my friends list or continue to talk to you.

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